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Stop, Daddy, You’re Drunk Again Click here to save 50% now! Description:Mandy’s life changed when her daddy started coming home drunk late at night and staggering into her room, climbing into bed with her. For weeks, he would touch her and rub himself against her until he came, calling her by her mother’s name. ParalyzedContinue reading “Save 50% on Stacy L. Kennedy’s debut book, Stop, Daddy, You’re Drunk Again!”

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Brandy’s Taboo Book Review #1: The Bestiality Triplets by Barbie Lez

The Bestiality Triplets by Barbie Lez This is one of my favorite series. Triplets find themselves stranded on a vacant farm on their birthday. Bored out of their minds, they decide to play a game: each of them has to take turns doing whatever the other two tell them. Fueled by arousal and driven byContinue reading “Brandy’s Taboo Book Review #1: The Bestiality Triplets by Barbie Lez”

The Return of Incest and Taboo

The taboo erotica industry suffered a huge blow when most retailers outright banned incest, bestiality, noncon and most dubcon erotica. Many great names in the industry quit altogether (though new ones have emerged), but we hung on and didn’t give up…just barely… We continued writing and publishing those naughty little books you can’t mention inContinue reading “The Return of Incest and Taboo”