The Return of Incest and Taboo

The taboo erotica industry suffered a huge blow when most retailers outright banned incest, bestiality, noncon and most dubcon erotica.

Many great names in the industry quit altogether (though new ones have emerged), but we hung on and didn’t give up…just barely… We continued writing and publishing those naughty little books you can’t mention in polite company, even when we felt like throwing in the cum-stained towel.

But now we are back in full force, giving you even more taboo content. Cate Aria has returned as an author and is busy writing many daddy/daughter books. Brit Ducane is currently writing a new series called Movie Night with Daddy. Brandy Bestiality is still blending incest and Bestiality beautifully, in her upcoming series, Birthday Sex.

In addition to the authors you have grown to lust, we are happy to announce Nude Barbie’s return, under her new name, Trinity McDonnell. With her, we are proud to inform you, we also have new talent signing with us: Stacy L. Kennedy, who has been a long time reader of ours.

Welcome, and welcome back, to the family!

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